Profile of Princess Leonor, First Daughter of King Felipe VI He is also the heir to the throne of the Spanish Empire

The following is a profile of Princess Leonor, the first daughter of King Felipe VI and heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Spain.
Princess Leonor or Leonor de Todos los Santos de Borbon Ortiz was born in Madrid, October 21, 2005.
Princess Leonor is the first daughter of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, quoted from
Princess Leonor was precisely born at the Ruber International Hospital in Madrid, quoted from
Quoted from famousbirthdays, Princess Leonor was christened at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, Spain in January 2006.
Princess Leonor has a younger sister named Infanta Sofia and was born in 2007.
In September 2007, Princess Leonor was enrolled in a nursery in Cuartel del Pardo.
Then Princess Leonor continued her education at the Santa María de los Rosales School in Aravaca in 2008.
In the line of succession to the throne, Princess Leonor is first in line.
For information, the line of succession to the throne in the Spanish monarchy is only intended for sons.
This is in accordance with the constitutional law in force in Spain.
However, because King Felipe VI did not have sons, there was a constitutional change.
So that his first daughter, Pricess Leonor, will inherit the throne.
Meanwhile, Princess Leonor is known to have attended many award ceremonies.
Starting from Easter celebrations, charity events, and traveling to various parts of Spain.
The first major work event that Princess Leonor and her sister attended was on October 12, 2014.
At that time, the event that was held was the National Day Military Parade which was held in Madrid.
Princes Leonor before his 10th birthday, has received the most popular award in Spain.
The award Princess Leonor received at that time was the Order of the Golden Fleece.
The award was presented by King Felipe in a special ceremony in January 2018.
Deliver First Public Speech At 13 Years Old
Princess Leonor gave her first public speech when she was 13 years old.
At that time, he made his speech on the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.
The event for the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution was held on 21 October 2018 at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid.
Before Princess Leonor delivered her speech, King Felipe delivered his speech first.
As she stepped onto the podium, Princess Leonor read the first of the 169 articles of the Spanish Carta Magna.
Princess Leonor’s appearance at that time certainly made her father proud.
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Get 6 Degrees
Princess Leonor has a number of titles.
The first title she got was Princess of Asturias.
Princess of Asturias is a title given to heirs.
The following are Princess Leonor’s titles:
-Princess of Asturias
– Countess of Cervera
– Duchess of Mont Blanc
– Lady of Balaguer
-Princess of Viana
-Princess of Girona -kerajaan-Spanyol singgasana-kerajaan-Spanyol kekaisaran spanyol/115275/

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