Private yacht Winterization Service Business

If you own a boat maintenance business you need to be providing winterization services to your customers. Many boat owners who get to know you may trust you to help them winterize their boats. A good option to store a boat is under a cover in a controlled climate environment. This is very costly and although there is debate on whether a boat should be "shrink-wrapped" for winter or not that too is very costly.

Since during the winter you will be requested to either cease services or curb washing to a frequency of the two months Winterdienst mainz. Of course, the charge for these washings will be at double or double the every week price but you still lose a lot of every week wash debts. If you charge $20 for every week washing then that is $160 for just two months of washes instead of $60 every two months for one wash. Including snowfall and debris removal.

Your solution is easy. Get the $60 for the washing every two months plus charge a $200 winterizing fee which includes every week walk-byes for no additional charge. On those check-up days, cruise by the slip or dry storage and make sure the covers and tie downs are all secure. Boat owners hardly ever find time to get down and check on their boat during the 4 to 6 month 'dormant period'. You would normally make $320 for washing a boat every week for four months (4 months = 16 weeks), (16 x $20 = $320). During the winter if you wash the boat twice then that's $120 plus $200 for your winterizing service. This means the same sum of money.

Here are some of the services you can do in your 'dormant period' winterizing service. Now, before we list all these services, remember the obvious... a boat detail, window treatment coating, coating of metal parts (tuna systems, tie downs, horns, hooks, aluminum striping, propellers, etc. ). If the boat is going into dry-dock how about coating. Hull only $30 per foot in Florida, $60 to $70 per foot in California, $50 to $60 per foot in the northeast. That can certainly add up on a 12 foot Sea Ray. And, of course, there are boat painters' affiliate fees and even engine, canvas covers, etc. bird dog fees.

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