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Our elite law firm takes pride in being your personal injury, auto accident, and criminal defense attorney. We do what it takes to resolve your case. For those who require an appearance in court, Jasmine A. Mines we’ll be there to defend you.


*Wrongful Death
The death of a person through an accident caused by negligence or misconduct of another person, an establishment, or other similar entities.

*Criminal Defense
If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need a Criminal Defense Attorney to ensure your rights are protected, and to provide a vigorous defense on your behalf.

*Personal Injury
If you've been injured due to no fault of your own, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

ABOUT Jasmine A. Mines
Jasmine Mines is a personal injury and criminal defense attorney serving the Los Angeles area. With an extensive background in public health, as well as experience in the legal field, Jasmine has committed her career to serving people.

A California native, Ms. Mines earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Southern California in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. She continued her education at USC earning a Master’s Degree of Public Health, Biostatistics and Epidemiology. After five years in the public health industry, Ms. Mines realized she could better serve the public as an attorney. She enrolled in Law School in 2015, and since she was a full time healthcare employee during the day, she attended classes at night. Jasmine graduated with her Juris Doctorate Degree in May 2020. She passed the July 2020 California Bar Exam, in other words she passed this notoriously difficult exam on her very first try.

DiscoverBest Injury Attorney Los Angeles- Ms. Mines’ passions are evident in her law practice specializations: personal injury and criminal defense. Personal injury cases often leave victims physically, emotionally and financially hurt. Ms. Mines dedicates herself to fighting for her clients’ medical and financial health. She exhausts all efforts to ensure that personal injury victims receive the medical treatment and compensation they deserve. Next, Ms. Mines knows that to be human is to make mistakes. She firmly believes that everyone has the right to representation and she is stepping up to be the representation for those in need of a criminal defense lawyer. Ms. Mines advocates for her clients and applies her passion and knowledge of the law to limit or eliminate jail time and fines whenever possible.

Ms. Mines’ clients describe her as reliable, passionate, assertive and intelligent. As a Black and Mexican Los Angeles native, Ms. Mines is dedicated to serving the diverse Los Angeles community with a commitment to diligence and ethical law practice.

When she is not practicing law, Ms. Mines is traveling the world or spending time with her mom and three cats.

Ms. Mines is honored to be of service to you and looks forward to helping you live the life you deserve!

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