Dear Caring Person,
Am I wrong to believe you share my heartache as the life of our bankrupt planet increasingly erodes into the pain of today’s broken world and climate crisis?
As Earth Overshoot news indicates the organic dominos that sustain well-being continue to fall. To our loss, a major cause of this catastrophe is your/our society’s prejudice to disregard Nature’s essence, Natureness, as a special remedy for today’s suffering.
Natureness is a proven Climate Therapy tool. It enables us to create moments that let Earth teach. This helps our 54-senses attach to authentic Nature’s self-correcting ways and regenerate personal and planet health.
Scientifically, this process transforms our abusive conquest of the environment and each other into Nature’s essence, its wordless attraction (love) to begin life.
Natureness’s unifying powers blend the core of any natural area with our personal essence. Emancipated and energized, with joy we then reasonably live in greater space-time balance and beauty with all things including people.
Because our/your omission of Natureness increases today's, dilemmas, it’s imperative that you share the Climate Therapy information, below.
Together, let’s help Nature do what it does best and win the Nobel Prize for sanity.
For Peace on Earth Through Peace With Earth,
Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Project NatureConnect



The state of the planet is broken. Humanity is waging war on nature.

Making peace with Nature is the defining task of the 21st century.

- Antonio Gutteres, UN Secretary General (2021, Columbia University)

- Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D, Ph.D., (1984 to UN Environmental Program)

August 20, 2022, San Juan Island, WA

For Immediate Release
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The Essence of Nature Heals our Broken Lives and World: How to Create Heartfelt Moments that Increase Well-Being by 850%

“Because we break our world as we wage our suicidal war against Nature, a free, Climate Therapy peace remedy is now available as a public outreach from Project NatureConnect,” says its founder, Michael Cohen, Ed.D, Ph.D. “In any natural area this eco-arts science enlists the essence of Nature, 'Natureness,' to do what it does best.”

Natureness essence works because Nature is the self-correcting fountainhead of authority in its balanced and beautiful ways, around, in and as us.

Without Natureness, we increasingly suffer from our abusive ecocide war traumas. In addition, our wounded planet can’t help us because it can’t replace 75% of the resources our conquest of it increasingly depletes each year.

Fortunately, added to any relationship or discipline, Natureness's purifying powers remedy the core of any conflict. It makes Nature’s space-time energy re-unify the heart of things while creating beneficial side effects.

Natureness’s facts override the limits of of our traditional knowledge because, in 1970, its truths replaced the prior entropy of our inanimate, people-centered Universe. It was updated into the continual growth of today’s living Space-Time Universe. The latter validates that, since forever and before, as now, Nature is its wordless attraction (love) to begin life.

Cohen says, “The prejudice of our misleading “outdated-universe" stories about things like honesty, love, nature, and gods agitate us so we suffer today’s polarities and injustices. Unhappily, we have lost contact with our greatest trustable truths because we don’t know how to create moments that let Earth's life speak and teach us what the these truths omit. Our Natureness tool creates such moments.”

Cohen remembers in 1965, in the Grand Canyon wilderness, the natural world silently made it obvious that because humanity can speak with words and Nature can’t, our stories injuriously disconnect us from Nature, even while it’s loving us into being.

To compensate for the abandonment discomfort that this creates we excessively attach to artificial satisfactions that we build from Earth’s natural resource/metabolism. This results in our resource overuse catastrophe.

Only Natureness can stop this vicious greed cycle while, to our loss, our traditional education and counseling continue to prejudice us against Nature’s unifying ways.

As a tool, Natureness remedies this by contributing critically missing practices that reverse today’s nature-disconnected insanity.

By 850%, Natureness increases personal, social and environmental well-being as it transforms our problems into Nature’s perfections through 24 evidence-based Nature facts that have been double-blind, peer reviewed.

Most studies show that if our 54-sense lives continue to omit Natureness, a grim future is inevitable.

Further Information
Overview: www.ecopsych.com/naturenessnow.html
Free Public Outreach Program: www.ecopsych.com/journalnatureness.html
Book: Liberate Your Natural Essence Online review copy

Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D., Ph.D.
360-378-6313 Email: nature@interisland.net

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Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature
• Master sensory methods and materials that help us strengthen the dance of nature's peace and sanity, in and around us.
• Establish a socially and environmentally responsible relationship-building and stress-reduction livelihood or hobby.
• Benefit from grant funded, online, Ph.D., M.S., and B.A. degrees/courses/training

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