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Market research shows that Gotham Lab is 20% – 30% lower in cost than ANY localization service competitor.

We have a courteous, professional staff of highly credentialed and hand-selected human translators, editors and linguists to timely and accurately meet your
localization service and language needs. Specialized human translation services are offered for business translations, document translations, legal translations, technical translations and translations for media localization services, voice over and Subtitling Services.

Why Choose Us?
Gotham Lab is a New York based, American owned and operated media localization and language services company.
Support American small business and receive the best quality and customer support in return.

Our process begins and ends with our people.
We have the experience, knowledge and resources to localize your film, commercial, educational or industrial translation, voiceover and subtitling projects in over 50 languages. We are New York based and family owned. When you use us, nothing is outsourced. We believe in attentive and responsive customer service with a personal touch and offer unbeatable rates and turnaround times for all localization services and language solutions.
In the age of automation and AI, we offer something different; people who care about your project and understand your expectations. We provide a human touch in a digital world. Please visit our website for more information. Contact us today.

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