Learn How To Contact An Ex girlfriend After the No Contact Period Has ended

So you have completed one full, very difficult, month of no contact and you've kept the burning desire to get back in touch with your ex girlfriend? Then it's very important you contact her the right way. If you don't then you will have ruined all your hard work from the a month of no contact phase. You did complete the one month no contact phase, right? Yes? Excellent.

I would be really surprised if she hasn't already contacted you yet.Réclamation Usually after going no contact for a month the lady starts to very much miss her ex and will most likely contact him. From my previous experience this is definitely true! I will, however, write this article assuming you have completed a month of no contact and she's got not contacted you yet.

Did you complete the other steps I highly recommend? Have you eliminated your negative emotions? Have you resolved why the relationship ended? Have you been working on making your life more interesting and fulfilling? If not, then you really need to go take care of these three things. When you trigger contact with your ex girlfriend you need to be in the right state of mind. You can say the right things but if you aren't in the right state of mind then she could see right through that and find your words weak and manipulative. Before you contact her make sure you are coming from the right emotional state. It's critical!

Emotional state in balance, you are now ready to learn how to contact your ex. At this point you should focus on just becoming friends with her. You should not be initiating contact with her with the mindset of 'you need her back'. I recommend just sending a text message because it's very low commitment. If you call her and for reasons uknown she doesn't answer it will drive you crazy and only bad things will follow. So send a text, your text should be positive, light hearted and contain some value for her.

An example of a bad text message "Oh god baby I missed you so much. This month of no contact has been so difficult for me. Why is this message bad? Well it shows that you are needy, vulnerable and you have nothing really going for you in your life. This message will just turn her off you completely. She could just feel sorry for you but will have no feelings of attraction.

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