A Texas-based company called Kanga Room Systems makes small prefabricated buildings. These homes can range in size from 280 to 800 square feet. They can be used as personal or office spaces, or as investment properties. These buildings are environmentally friendly and feature beautiful design and materials. In fact, the company chose the kangaroo as its logo, which relates to its dedication to sustainable practices. These eco-friendly buildings also have energy-efficient features.

Kanga Room Systems offers three options for completion of your project: panelized building kits, turnkey services, and structural shells. Turnkey service consists of helping with permitting, site work, and manufacturing. Alternatively, the company can deliver the structural shell, leaving the interior wall framing up to your local contractor.

kanga room Systems can meet any space need. From a quiet backyard to a bustling industrial site, these homes can be installed almost anywhere. In addition to the prefabricated components, you can also customize the floor plans to meet your preferences. Regardless of the size or location of the space, you can choose from several styles and interior finish materials to customize your new home.

Kanga Room Systems also provides a modern option for homeowners looking for a small studio or apartment. Both the Kanga Studio and Kanga Cabin are designed to fit your needs, with features such as closets and loft areas. In addition, both designs offer full bathrooms. The studios are often used for hobbies and are very versatile.

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