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Master Kama was established in 2015 and specializes in lobster, seafood and other dishes. In addition to operating the restaurant business, the Kama Delivery
Catering Service was launched in 2018 , adding global dishes with high-quality ingredients, offering various themed menus such as salads, party snacks, main
dishes, and vegetarian meals . In addition to special à la carte food , it also provides a variety of attendance packages to undertake large-scale attendance
services for many people, for birthday parties, weddings, cocktail parties, corporate organizations, company events, friends and family gatherings, or children’s
birthday parties, etc. Occasion provides gourmet attendance service.

During special holidays, limited dishes will be introduced , such as Christmas party, New Year party, Mid-Autumn Festival, Party Room party, wedding party, big food
party food. We can also specially make specific attendance menus for enterprises, institutions or private individuals, so as to meet the needs of various types of
parties. Welcome to contact us to inquire about the long-term attendance booking service of major, medium and small companies, and you can enjoy more discounts on

Incoming takeaway service 外賣推介 Recommendation & Promotion|Exclusive free shipping offer|Get Your food at meeting 到會美食 or 2-100 people set meal|Pre-ordered party food delivered on the same day|Kamadelivery.com, They also accept large-scale catering services for large and small birthday parties, banquets, company events, friend gatherings or children's birthday parties, Kama is one of the leading catering service in Hong Kong.

*Takeaway delivery service in Hong Kong 24 hours a day
*Meeting set menu dishes, portion size tailor-made
*Delivery service strives to deliver on time
*Freshly prepared and strictly monitored food quality
*Perfect after-sales and follow-up services
*To achieve the best experience at the meeting

Our delivery locations include Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories; except for Lok Ma Chau, outlying islands, Lantau, Park Island and Discovery
Bay, we strive to deliver every order on time. As for other remote areas, please contact our customer service for enquiries.
"Affordable prices, considerate service" is our service promise, to make every customer love at First Bite!

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