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Cherokee scrubs iflex are one of the best on the market The material is comfortable, lightweight, and stretchy This collection, especially their yoga waistband pant has become one of the all time favorites of most nurses and healthcare workers who shop with us.

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Cherokee Iflex Scrub Top | Women's V-Neck Top - CK605
Cherokee iflex Women's Mock Wrap Knit Panel Top - CK680
Cherokee iFlex Womens Mid Rise Straight Leg Pull-on Pant - CK002
Cherokee iflex Women's Mid Rise Straight Leg Pull-on Pant - CK002 Petite
Cherokee iflex Women's Mid Rise Tapered Leg Drawstring Pants - CK010P Petite


Iflex Cherokee Scrubs:
Cherokee used to make some of the well knows gender neutral and unpopular, baggy scrubs. They have redeemed themselves through the Iflex collection and now have a fair shot at being the leader in the all new, fashionable, scrubs industry.

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Family Owned:
Since 2005, ScrubHaven has been a family owned medical uniform store in Philadelphia, PA. Our physical shop is located in the northeast Philadelphia region, and serves online customers around the country.

9357 Krewstown Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19115
Call: 215-552-9765
Opening Hours:10:00 am - 8:00 pm Daily

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These days comfort and quality matter more in your scrubs than anything else when you're on your feet for 12+ hours at a time. Follow along on our social media journey as we show REAL humans, real professionals in the best scrubs. The kind that make you want to come back for more.


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