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Canon, one of world’s leading printer brands, has made its mark for its wide range of features, brilliant after-sales services, best-in class warranty and offers great “value for money”, for its wide product line.




There are three major steps for Canon Printer Setup, and these steps are: -

  1. Preparing the Printer
  2. Installing the Print Head
  3. Installing the Ink Tanks

Preparing the Printer

  1. The users are supposed to place the printer on a flat and horizontal surface. Now, do open the Rear Tray and then extend the Paper Tray. Do open the Front Tray and then extend the Output Tray Extension. It’s important to remove all the shipping tapes before turning on the printer.
  2. Next, ussers should plug the power cord in the back of the printer and then connect the other end to the wall outlet.


  • Users should not connect the USB cable until after the software is installed.
  • Users should plug the power cord all the way in, since it may be difficult to plug.
  1. Now, users should press the POWER button to turn on the printer.
  2. Finally, do open the Top Cover while the Print Holder will move to the centre.

Installing the Print Head

  1. Firstly, users should remove the Print Head from its package.


The users will observe some transparent or light blue ink on the inside of the bag of the print head, or the inside of the protective cap. It will have no effect on print quality. They should be careful not to get ink on themselves when handling these items.

  1. Now, do remove the orange protective cap(A) from the Print Head and then discard it.



The users should not touch the print head nozzles and the electrical contacts.

  1. Next, users should firmly raise the print Head Lock Lever until it stops. The Print Head Lock Lever might feel heavy.
  2. Thereafter, do insert the Print Head.
  3. Finally, do push the Print Head to hold it in place and then lower the Print Head Lock Lever carefully.



Whenever, the Top Cover is left open for more than 10 minutes, then the Print Head Holder will be moving to the right. Now, do close and reopen the Top Cover to return the Holder to the centre.

  1. Now, do make sure that the Print Head is installed properly.


Installing the Ink Tanks

To check compatibility of ink tanks with printer, users should refer to the back cover of the Quick Start Guide.

  1. To begin with, users should pull the orange tape in the direction of the arrow to peel off the protective film and then do remove the film completely. The users may nute that if the air hole is blocked with the remaining film then the ink might leak out or may not eject properly.
  2. Now, users should twist off and discard the orange protective cap(B) which is located on the bottom of the ink tank. The users should not touch the electrical contacts and ink port.
  3. Next, users should insert the ink tank into the right-hand slot and then press the mark on the ink tank until it clicks into place.
  4. Do ensure that the ink lamp lights red. According to the coloured labels, do install all the ink tanks in order from right to left.
  5. Now, do close the Top Cover. The Canon Printer will start operating. The users should wait for 2 minutes until the printer stops making noise. After setup, the first- or second-time printing will take few minutes before it becomes ready to print.
  6. Finally, the hardware setup of Canon Printer is successfully completed.


Major Reasons for Canon Printer Offline Error

Whenever your Canon printer is unable to receive any print commands from the system then the Canon Printer Offline error occurs.

The major reasons for this error are: -

  1. Issues of Default Settings- The users should ensure that their Canon printer is selected as ‘Default Printer’. The wrong default printer settings prove to one of the major reasons of Canon Printer going offline.


  1. Using Printer Offline Enable Option- The users should ensure to choose the option of Printer Offline Status Disabled.


  1. Errors of Printer Spooler- The technical errors causing due to printer spooler can be one of the major reasons of offline problem.


  1. Inappropriate feeding of paper- The users should ensure that appropriate numbers of papers are inserted in the printer machine. The congestion or overfeeding of the printing sheets causes “Canon Printer Offline” error.


  1. USB issues- The poor or weak connection between the computer and Canon Printer USB will result in loose wiring and this might cause offline issues. Do make sure that this connection is appropriately connected.


  1. Connection errors between Computer and Wi-Fi router- The inappropriate or no connection between computer and Wi-Fi router may break the connection between printer and Wi-Fi and this will cause Canon Printer Offline


Canon Printer Offline Setup

So far, we have discussed all probable reasons for Canon Printer Offline problem.

Let’s discuss fixing up of this problem with helpful solutions through the below-mentioned steps.

Before discussing it further, uzers should chek plugging of their printer’s power cable into an electrical outlet and then restart their router as this may cause due to network failure.

The major steps for Canon Printer Offline Setup are: -


  1. Restarting Printer Spooler service                                                                        
  2. Disabling Use Printer Offline feature of Canon printer and Cancelling all unfinished print jobs
  3. Reinstalling Canon printer software 


Solution 1: Restarting Printer Spooler service

  1. From the Start Menu, users should enter service in the search box. Now, do click Services(Desktop app) from the result.
  2. Next, users should right-click on Print Spooler. Now, do click Restart. If Restart option grayed out, then do click Start
  3. Now, users should right-click on Print Spooler again and this time they should choose Properties. Now, do set its Startup type to be Automatic and then click OKto save settings.
  4. Finally, users should restart their PC and then try to print their file to check if their printer is working.

Solution 2: Disabling Use Printer Offline feature of Canon printer and Cancelling all unfinished print jobs

  1. To begin with, users should enter control panelin the search box from Start. Now, do click Control Panel (Desktop app) from the result.
  2. Next, do click Hardware and SoundDevices and Printers.
  3. Now, users should find and right-click on your Canon printer under Printers Now, do choose See what’s printing.
  4. Next, do click Printerto view if Use Printer Offline is unchecked. If it’s checked on with  mark, then do click it to uncheck.
  5. Thereafter, do Click Printer again and this time click Cancel All Documents.
  6. Finally, users should print their files to see if their Canon Printer is working properly.


Solution 3: Reinstalling Canon printer software 

The problem of Canon Printer Offline can be caused by driver issues. These below-mentioned steps will be resolving these issues and if they don’t then do reinstall your Canon Printer driver.

Do follow these steps: -

  1. Firstly, users should pressWindows key + R key together to open a Run box on their keyboard. Now, do type msc in the box and then click OK.
  2. Under Print queues, users should find their Canon printer driver. Now, do right-click on it to choose Uninstall device.
  3. Finally, users are supposed to download the latest driver for their printer model from Canon official website. Now, they should install it on their computer.

The downloading of drivers from Canon official website is simple process but can be time-consuming. Do have patience, technical skills and spare time to download drivers manually and do take help of “Driver Easy”. 

The feature of “Driver Easy” will automatically recognize user’s system and find the appropriate drivers for it. Thereafter, users can update their drivers with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. It takes just 2 clicks (and users get full support and a 30-day money back guarantee) with Pro version.

Now, do follow these steps: -

  1. Firstly, users should download and install Driver Easy.
  2. Now, do run Driver Easy and then click Scan Now Thereafter, Driver Easy will be scanning computer and detecting any problem drivers.
  3. Next, do click the Updatebutton, placed next to a flagged printer driver to automatically download and install the correct version of this driver (it can be done with the FREE version). Or users can Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on user’s system (it requires the Pro version – users will be prompted to upgrade when they click Update All).
  4. Finally, users should restart their computer and print their file to see if their Canon printer is working properly.




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