How to choose the right cat6 plenum-rated Ethernet Cable?

The data transmission needs are increasing with time. This makes the job of network administrators quite hard. Nowadays, they need to select the Ethernet cables for their networks after very careful consideration of their needs. Modern-day Ethernet cables like Cat6a and Cat6 plenum rated cable are highly in demand due to their efficiency and effectiveness.

To further narrow down the search for the right Ethernet cable, network engineers must check the different variants of these cables available in the market. Each version has some specific features that differentiate it from others. Users must check those features according to their needs and requirements.

In this article, we will talk about the different variants of Cat6 Plenum available in the market. They might all fulfill your needs and requirements efficiently but choosing the best match with them is a hard task. This article will help you in understanding the basic differences between these variants.

Cat6 Plenum in Various Conductor Types: -
The Cat6 plenum cable is available in the market with different types of conductor wires. You must understand the difference between these conductor types before making a buying decision.

1. Pure Copper Conductor Wires

2. Copper-Clad Aluminum Wires

Cat6 Plenum with Pure Copper Conductor Wires: -
The Cat6 plenum variant with pure copper conductor wires is more efficient and effective in comparison to the one with copper-clad aluminum wires. Pure copper material is considered one of the best conductor materials in the world for its better conductivity features.

It comes with a low DC resistance value. It means the ratio of its losing energy to the atmosphere while tram sitting data within the network is low. This means it transfers more energy into the network and works better.

Cat6 Plenum with Copper-Clad Aluminum Wires: -
This variant comes with conductor wires that are made from Copper-Clad Aluminum material. It is also an efficient conductor material used on a large scale in the cabling industry. Still, it is not efficient as pure copper material.

It has a high DC resistance value and a higher attenuation feature. Their DC resistance value is almost 55% higher than pure copper. This means it loses more energy to the atmosphere during the transmission of data. This decreases the efficiency of the ca Cat5e Riser le to a great deal.

Price Comparison: -
Most of the network engineers focus more on the performance of the cables rather than their price. Still, in some cases, you need to remain within your budget limits. Therefore, sometimes a selection of the Ethernet cables depends on their pricing as well.

The Cat6 plenum variant that comes with pure copper conductor wires is always expensive in comparison to the one with copper-clad aluminum wires. The pure copper material itself is expensive. This increases the cost of the cable automatically.

The users who prefer to buy the Cat6 plenum copper-clad aluminum variant over the pure copper variant are only due to their price difference. They have low budget limits that force them to choose a copper-clad aluminum variant.

Conclusion: -
Cat6 plenum-rated pure copper variant is more efficient and effective in comparison to copper-clad material. This is why it is been recommended to the users that they must go for Cat6 plenum cable with pure copper wires if they don’t have any budget issues. Especially, when they are designing a huge commercial networking structure.

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