How to Arrange a Living Room in a Minimalist Home to Make It Healthier

Not all minimalist homes have a spacious living room. Some minimalist houses with an area of ​​​​approximately 100 square meters generally have a narrow living room. Some minimalist homes even put the living and family rooms into one. Is your minimalist home one of them?
If so, maybe you have or often feel that the living room looks crowded because there are too many furniture so that the circulation in the house is not good. Not only that, the improper arrangement of the living room in a minimalist home will certainly affect the comfort and even health of the mother.
Did you put a diffuser or air purifier in the living room? What about ornamental plants, is there anything tucked into your living room?
If not, let's try to rearrange the living room in a minimalist home to be healthier during the pandemic.

1. Collect Items Scattered in the Living Room
If you want a healthier living room, start by tidying up the things around it. See the mess of things like what happens in the living room of your minimalist home.

Are there many children's toys lying in the living room? Or maybe some items that are not used but are still on display in the living room?

Choose furniture that is often used in the living room so that the room is not full and makes the air circulation in the room better. Try to apply a minimalist life in arranging your living room.
Return items such as children's toys, sleeping pillows, bolsters, prayer utensils, or other things that should not be in the living room. Don't let the mess left there which indirectly actually makes you uncomfortable.

2. Clean All Dust Periodically
After all the furniture is neatly in place and no longer left in the living room, then you need to clean the room and the furniture in the living room. Do it regularly to help repel viruses and bacteria.

Try looking at the corners of the room, under the sofa, television cabinet, or maybe above the surface of the furniture. Make sure the living room of your minimalist home is free of dust, OK!

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