GT Invest - operator of business processes in Ukraine, helping to start a business in Ukraine

GT Invest — operator of business processes in Ukraine!

A successful business starts with a big idea!

GTInvest ensures the provision of integrated services:

Relevant market environment research and analysis, depending on the project.
Strategy development and a phased plan for the project implementation refining.
Business model management organization.
Individual software product development.

We know how to create and successfully conduct business in Ukraine. Also, we have experience in developing and implementing investment business projects.

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At the UN meeting, Michel spoke about the horrors of the war in Ukraine, which he saw with his own eyes. “Atrocities. Rape. Countless Ukrainian cities have been bombed and turned into ruins

Military Insurance for Foreign Investors in Ukraine:
Discover Russian war crimes in Ukraine. Foreigners who are currently investing in Ukraine can use the state service of "military" insurance

During the war, Ukraine has a large number of businessmen who continue to develop their businesses. There is also a group of investors who are integrating their funds into new projects, enterprises in the unoccupied territories of Ukraine, as well as owners of domestic government bonds.

An investor usually faces various economic risks in any country. But the Military situation in Ukraine is currently specific — because of Russia's aggression, we also have military risks.In order not just to reduce, but even to remove such risks from the investor's portfolio, the possibility of introducing this type of insurance by our allies for all those who invest in our economy is being discussed," Oleh Ustenko, adviser to the president of Ukraine on economic issues.

Most entrepreneurs who will take part in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine say that their stay in Ukraine is a necessity. The presence of their business in Ukraine is a must.

If you have a strong idea and want to implement it in Ukraine, let's act together! We know how to start a business and make it profitable!

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