Glory Man United! Manchester United Won Carabao Cup Champion 2023

Glory Man United! Manchester United Won Carabao Cup Champion 2023

The English Cup match, namely the 2022-2023 Carabao Cup, was finally won by Manchester United with a score of 2-0 and managed to beat Newcastle United on Sunday (26/02/2023) at Wembley Stadium.

Launching from, the match shown by Newcastle United was considered to be dominating because it led with 61 percent possession of the ball. This club also has about 15 chances and 2 of them are on target.

At the start of the match, Newcastle United had provided quite an influential threat, especially for Manchester United defenders. However, it turned out that Manchester United had better performance and managed to find the net.

The winning goal was successfully provided by Casemiro in the 33rd minute and became the opening goal for Erik ten Hag's side. One goal was an own goal from Sven Botman.

Quoting from skysports it was explained that this winning trophy was their first trophy since winning the Europa League under Jose Mourinho in 2017. As for this match, it was revealed that Manchester United could have won with a higher score against Newcastle if Bruno Fernandes had not been selfish.

In fact, it was seen that in several moments Casemiro had scolded Bruno Fernandes who was called selfish for not passing to a teammate. Quoting from the Sport Bible this happened when MU entered the second half of injury time and Fernandes at that time chose to kick directly into the opponent's goal.

Even though at that time Jadon Sancho was in an open position to provide the third goal for MU, but this opportunity was not taken by Fernandes. In the end, the goal that was shot at the opponent's goal was thwarted by Loris Karius as the Newcastle goalkeeper.

Fernandes even said something to Casemiro but it seems that Casemiro gave an unhappy response to Fernandes' actions. Even though there had been a drama like that, Manchester United finally managed to come home victorious and the stadium was filled with cheers from the audience.

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