‘Girls hire me to test if their boyfriends will cheat on them’

Women are hiring content creators to message their boyfriends in order to test whether they would cheat, in a new TikTok trend sweeping the nation.

Known as ‘honey traps’, TikTok influencers like 19-year-old Livi Shelby are sliding into unsuspecting men’s DMs, looking to see whether they will begin flirting with them online.

The services of these content creators are often sought by suspicious women – though there are some men who offer them too – and can result in relationships breaking down because of a lack of trust between the couple involved.

Speaking recently to radio presenter Daisy Maskell on C4 documentary Cheat Detectives: The Loyalty Test, Livi described how the process works.

“You don’t answer if you’re going to be loyal, so if they’ve answered ‘hey’, they’re halfway there,” she explained.


“Some have said, ‘no sorry, I have a girlfriend’, but to me that’s still not good enough. Some of them will even go and like my pictures back, and that’s when you know, ‘yeah, I’ve got you’."

The practice is controversial, and Daisy suggested that many people would rather find out about their partner cheating on them directly instead of via a TikTok video.

Despite this, Livi claimed that she had no regrets about her unusual activity, and even conducted a loyalty test on one unsuspecting bloke during the documentary.

This involved researching the man’s Instagram profile and approaching messages by focusing on, for instance, his love of cars.

“It’s pretty sneaky, it’s a bit sly,” she admitted.

“But then at the same time, I do think because of my own experiences with boys, they’re not the only one, there’s other boys, so you can just leave and find the next one who’s nice.”

Livi doesn’t charge for her services but does share videos of the messages she has exchanged with the person online.

“I tell people that if you don’t want them posted, then I don’t do it, because that’s what I do it for, the content on there,” she said, explaining why this is a condition of her work.

This, she reckons, is a fair trade-off for not being paid for her investigative work.

“I reckon I could have [charged] and at one point, I did make a joke about it, I was like, ‘I should be charging for this’.

“Obviously, I didn’t but there was a point where I must have had thousands of DMs. I was like, ‘even if I’d charged like a pound…’ It was crazy.”

And, although the trend can result in the end of otherwise healthy relationships, there was a happy ending during the documentary, as the man Livi contacted failed to respond to her messages.

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