FAMAGA company supplies various industrial equipment, electronic components, and spare parts for the gear provided. Once your machine or any other automation or electronic device breaks down, the business will quickly supply the required replacement part to any country in the world.


The range of the supplied products mainly includes and is not restricted to:

  • industrial electronics and automation (sensors, controllers)
  • pneumatic equipment (pneumatic cylinders, valves)
  • hydraulic equipment (hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves)
  • electric motors
  • gearboxes, transmissions
  • cables, wires, connectors, switches, etc.

The catalog of manufacturers features more than 13 thousand European brands, and the business holds more than 135 dealership certifications.

With the ability accumulated over a decade, the business can identify all of the parts specified by the customer with a quick system in real-time online catalogs.

Cooperating directly with your manufacturers allows FAMAGA company to provide the initial manufacturer prices, discounts, and very convenient payment conditions.

We ensure that each area of the equipment has high-quality specifications to generally meet and satisfy our customer demands for years.

FAMAGA sales and logistics team can execute orders quickly, accurately, and promptly factory equipment suppliers, delivering a quick delivery and excellent service at highly competitive prices. Famaga experts manage all the required export documentation and make the delivery arrangements.

Machine downtime is too costly for your business. Replacing worn-out spare parts to provide working performance and security is the primary element in decreasing manufacturing downtime. FAMADA company prides itself on lightning-fast response and constant communication through the entire transaction, from the very first inquiry to the ultimate delivery. The company's goal is to assist customers in realizing savings on industrial machinery parts and components and optimize their machinery uptime.

FAMAGA sources repair and replacement parts with exceptional response and product knowledge, quick delivery, and economical pricing.The company services various European industrial machinery parts and components customers worldwide.

Our experienced service lets you get the best and genuine replacement parts, especially if you own European equipment.

Benefits of dealing with FAMAGA start with this proven power to react quickly to every client inquiry, using our vast sourcing experience and the large catalog of European equipment spare parts.

FAMAGA Company Top Benefits:

  • Experienced team
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Fastest delivery
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Direct operation with the manufacturers
  • Online product catalog
  • Outstanding performance

If your equipment type isn't listed on our site, we almost certainly can help problem solve; please get in touch with FAMAGA experts today!

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