About Rajasthan: Rajasthan has always been known as the majestic land that showcases the heritage and culture of the country. Sometimes Rajasthan is also called as the 'Land of Kings' and the state still retains its glory and is also rich in culture. The majestic monuments, age old traditions and customs keeps the state stunning and rich apna khata. The Rajasthan is the state that offers the travelers the cultural and heritage tour, the holiday tour, the vacation packages, holidays in Rajasthan, the cultural trip to Rajasthan, the desert tour to Rajasthan, adventure in Rajasthan, wildlife in Rajasthan.

Travel Destinations in Rajasthan: There are various travel destinations in Rajasthan which a tourist can find the ultimate travel destinations. One of the city is the Ajmer which has always been counted as the popular residence of the Mughals. Ajmer is just 14 kilometers away from Pushkar which is counted as one of the sacred pilgrimage for the Hindus. The capital city of Rajasthan Jaipur is located at the distance of 260 kilometers from Delhi and 240 kilometers from Agra and three of them forms the Golden Traingle. The capital city attracts the visitors with the never ending charms and the glory of the city. Jaisalmer is the another jewel of the state as due to the vibrancy and the magic of the Thar desert thats located there. Many travelers visits Jaisalmer to enjoy the camel safari and to enjoy the arabian nights fable.

Special Attractions of Rajasthan: There are many such special highlights in the state of Rajasthan like Palace on Wheels which attracts the tourists from all over the globe. The Palace on Wheels depicts the true Rajasthan and is known to be the most memorable way to explore Rajasthan to its fullest. The heritage properties of Rajasthan also reflects the history and the rich culture of the state. To experience the royalty, beauty, bravery, courage, determination, honor, patriotism, loyalty and a great hospitality the visitors are attracted to the state.

Wildlife in Rajasthan: Wildlife in Rajasthan is surprisingly having the number of mammals and birds. The vegetation in Rajasthan consists of the semi green forests of Mount Abu and the dry grasslands and the thorn forests of Thar and Aravallis and lastly wetlands of Bharatpur. There are many such sanctuaries and national parks that attracts the wildlife lovers like Sariska National Park, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore National Park, etc.

Handicrafts and Jewelery of Rajasthan: Each area in the country has its own age old tradition as in the Rajasthan the regal and classical jewelery which is quite unique and also looks royal and aristocrat. Generally, the jewelery of the state is made up of the precious and semi precious stones and is also the world's largest center for the hand cutting of gems.

Staying Options in Rajasthan: Rajasthan is the royal destination, therefore staying is not an obstruction in the state. Most of the hotels in Rajasthan works as the tourist spots and the business travelers are the hotels of the Rajasthan. There are ample amount of hotels that offers the deluxe rooms that offers the elegance and a warm hospitality. The decor, the style, excellent facilities, the glamorous interiors attracts the tourists from all over the globe.

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