CentroNodes | #1 Minecraft & Discord Bot Hosting Service

CentroNodes is a powerful 24 7 hosting offering services such as Minecraft Java, Bedrock and Discord Bots

Start your Journey today by getting your cheap high-performance server today! Using our I9-9900K Nodes!

Explore abount minecraft server hosting CentroNodes offers unlimited players and plugins for all servers. Start downloading your plugins today with our easy plugins install manager! (Java, Bedrock, Bungee)

Discord Bots:
Instantly deploy discord bot hosting for Python, NodeJS, and more! Have your bot running 24/7 with no downtime! Our Nodes are never overloaded!

Terraria server hosting with no player limit! Stop paying per slot, and upload your plugins today! Supports All Mods! (tModLoader, TShock)

FEATURES! Why choose us?
We know the business, we know the troubles, we know the solutions.

Custom Coded:
All of our systems and sites are custom coded from the ground up to provide the best and the most unique user experience ever! ( Note: Our game panel has been made by Pterodactyl, but of course we have themed it. )

Server Uptime:
CentroNodes has 99.9% uptime on all nodes, we don't overload like other hosts. Our reputation is the best in the market.

Server Hardware:
We use high-performance DDoS protected servers with I9-9900K core processing. Stop settling for basic and cheap Ryzen 5 powered hosts.

Referral Reward System:
Have no money? Use our custom referral system to earn free centro coins! What are you waiting for? Go sign up!

Instant & Custom Server Creation:
Create or destroy your server in seconds, choose your amount of memory, disk space, ports and more!

Unlimited Free Premium Support:
Our staff team is held to a high standard, expect the best quality support. Our team is trained and dedicated to provide you with all your needs over our custom ticket system!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question you don't see? Check out our documentation here or open a ticket by signing up!


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