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After more than two years and a half of trying to control my diabetes type 2 with the help if different medications, I was still not able to get my blood sugar level below 140. Then once I changed to Diabecon and after a couple of doses my sugars have been between 80 and 110, I was so thrilled. I hope Diabecon will continue working the way it started for me as the effect of the drug is the only thing that is positive in my life at the moment. I would recommend this drug to other people who can't control their diabetes type 2.

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This drug really works good or even excellent! Nevertheless I have to emphasize that you should be careful with the dosage and the regimen. It's always better to carefully observe your doctor's instructions concerning the medication. I recently had an accident when I forgot to take my morning dosage and had terrible hand tremor, dizziness and vomiting. I ha to go back home from my work as I was unable to work normally. When I came home I took a dose of Diabecon immediately and my condition slowly got back to normal. All the symptoms went away in less than 10 minutes. In general the medication is a god sent for me!

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