Bring your eyelash extensions to life! At LLofty Lashes, our fully licensed and certified eyelash extension artist will take your lashes to lofty heights. Each set of eyelash extensions is customized to reveal your full potential with thicker, fuller, and longer lashes by accentuating your natural beauty. It's your choice: Classic Eyelash Extensions, Hybrid Eyelash Extensions, Volume Eyelash Extensions or MEGA Volume Eyelash Extensions. Wake up every morning lovely and ready for the day without the need for mascara or makeup. We Also offer Facials and Waxing in a relaxing spa environment all on the same day. Call to make an appointment and take your eyelash extensions to the next level today! Eye Lash Extensions Near Me: Henderson, Anthem, Silverado Ranch, Green Valley Ranch, Seven Hills, Macdonald Ranch, Enterprise & Las Vegas NV. If you want to know more kindly visit our website for more information.




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