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Winless no more: Cal snaps losing streak in Pac-12 rematch against Oregon

Kenzo Fukuda covers lacrosse" />

Despite losing to Oregon the previous week, Cal lacrosse knew it had a very good chance to rebound the following week. The team only lost to the Ducks by three goals, a narrow margin well within its grasp. If there was ever a team Cal could find its first victory against, Oregon was just about the closest one to fit that description. Luckily for the Bears, they…


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T. rex hunting and feeding habits may explain short arm length, study finds

Kevin Padian presents an explanation for why the T. rex had short arms.

Paleontologist's New Theory for Why T. rex Had Such Ridiculously Short Arms

A new hypothesis for the evolution of the T. rex’s short arms was formulated by Kevin Padian, UC Berkeley professor emeritus of integrative biology and curator of paleontology at the UC Museum of Paleontology.

His findings were recently published in the Acta Palaeontologica Polonica journal March 30. Padian suspects that group hunting and feeding habits played a role in the shortening of…


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Cal women’s golf on its way to last regular season tournament

Golf courses at times have rough patches, whether that’s an obvious hole with visible dirt or a yellow patch; these will always be there. Like a rough-looking golf course, the Cal women’s golf team is looking similar. The team has one last regular season tournament before the Pac-12 championships. As the Bears prepare for the Silverado Showdown in Napa from April 4-6, an opportunity to assess the Bears’ progress so far is eminent.…


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An escapism detour

I’m currently on Season five, episode 19 of “New Girl.” For the fourth time. I’m about to start rereading “Percy Jackson” for the 12th time since I was 11 years old. “Lady Bird.” “Dead Poets Society.” “Little Women” (2019). “Psych.” Apparently the 2008 “Tinker Bell” movie this week. And so on." alt="An escapism detour" />

There’s something to be said about movies, shows and books that I keep…


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More underdog than bear, Cal takes on stacked Cardinal, Sooners

The Bears run hot and cold when it comes to their success on each event.

More underdog than bear, Cal takes on stacked Cardinal, Sooners | The Daily Californian" src="" />

But Saturday’s Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, or MPSF, championship might prove to offer just the right environment for…


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