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30 Mar 2017 Outline. • Current ACR CT Program Statistics. • Changes to the ACR Accreditation Program. • Changes to the ACR CT Quality Control. Manual. 19 Aug 2003 QUALITY CONTROL & PERFORMANCE TESTING MANUAL OF OPERATIONS FOR CT assurance tests on your helical CT scanner. Radiology and CT Quality Control Procedures Workbook For more detail about each quality control (QC) procedure select the relevant link in the tables below. 2017 ACR Computed Tomography Quality Control Manual FAQS Q. Is the ACR QC manual intended to replace the vendor recommended QC program? scanning and quality control activities required for CQIE qualification. CT procedures for CQIE qualification include phantom tests with an ACR Accreditation Key words: computed tomography, quality assurance, quality control, key per- performed only annually, contain subjective elements (e.g., the manual1 Oct 2017 CT Quality Control Manual. 3. Contents. Purpose and Scope. 4. Radiologist's section. Revisions. 7. Introduction. 8. Definition of Quality Items 1 - 11 Item 12 - Medical Physicist's Computed Tomography QC Survey . . Compliance Guidance Document for the Quality Assurance Program Manual. 2. Computed Tomography. Radiologist's Section. Radiologic Technologist's Section. Medical Physicist's Section. QUALITY CONTROL MANUAL 11 Mar 2013 The New ACR CT Quality. Control Manual: Role of the. Medical Physicist. Douglas Pfeiffer, MS, DABR. Boulder Community Hospital. Finally!!

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