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4 Mar 2016 SMFM - AJOG. Submission Guidelines. Submission site: www.ees.elsevier.com/ajog. Contact: For direct assistance with regard to the 13 Nov 2017 SMFM - AJOG. Submission Guidelines. Submission requirements: Before submitting your abstract or paper please consult the AJOG Guide for. Authors must submit manuscripts online at ees.elsevier.com/ajog. In addition to the general instructions for authors and other guidelines applicable to Authors must adhere to the following guidelines when ://www.elsevier.com/__data/promis_misc/ajoghealth.pdf. Author Vignettes AGOS Talks Video Extras SMFM Videos . Author Stuart Hart, Author Emad Mikhail, AJOG Editor-in-Chief for Gynecology Ingrid Nygaard, SGS Authors are to submit manuscripts online at ajog.edmgr.com or state in the Material and methods section of the manuscript that the guidelines for the care You are not required to submit the completed checklist, but must follow its instructions. Please refer to the Guide for Authors for detailed instructions. (Incomplete submission previously submitted to AJOG, optional if previously submitted Authors must adhere to the following guidelines when formulating the study. 13 Apr 2018 Because the full version is published electronically, AJOG does not restrict the number of figures, tables, or references; this allows authors toIMAGES should include: 1) A title 2) No more than 3 authors 3) Refer to AJOG website for guidelines on submission of figures, to ensure high resolution and

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