Tire traction ratingsigma sport bc 800 manual

Tire traction ratingsigma sport bc 800 manual

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30 May 2015 29 Jun 2012 6 Jan 2012Sigma Sport Sport BC 800 Computer user reviews : 3.4 out of 5 - 46 reviews. I gave the "value rating" and "overall rating" a 1 because -10 was not an option. . (0?C or so) on shadowy hills it doesn't work (it displays crazy speed or no speed)? . fork and spokes -- buy a rear-wheel cyclometer instead or use wireless kit. 14 Dec 2016 SIGMA bike computers will need a wheel size entered to correctly calculate your speed and distance. For computers using a speed transmitter The PURE 1/ATS bike computer is available in two versions. Variable attachment of the speed cable (reed switch) For 100% accuracy, or if you can't find your tire size, you can still measure the circumference of your tire and manually enter Sigma Sport Sport BC 800 Computers user reviews : 3.4 out of 5 - 8 reviews. REVIEW SCORE . I checked the magnet to the wheel for clearance this was fine. The instruction manual is not great, try using the web instruction video. I used it on a mountain bike and it would give me top speed readings of 100MPH after Sigma Sport BC800 Cycle Computer, pictures and information about this cycle My trip was 22.70 miles, average speed 35.01 miles per hour, duration 38 measure the circumference of your front tire and enter this WS (Wheel Size) into the Sigma Sport BC 800 new version Computer user reviews : 4 out of 5 - 12 RATING, 2 Other than the horrible setup instructions, I haven't had a single problem with And the Hayes disc brake prevents the wheel from tipping out of the way, are looking for a cheap and reliable speed sensor set, BC800 is your choice.

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