What is the best natural estrogen supplement?

Attention Women With Insomnia: Many experts believe that sleep disruption is the precursor to depression, anxiety, and pain. Hormonal changes in estrogen and progesterone have been directly linked to insomnia. Low dose, short duration HRT (or herbal supplements like soy products and black cohosh) may be needed to restore healthy sleep. In conclusion, our bodies are a sea of hormones which, although small in size, pack a mighty punch and run the entire show. For women, hormonal fluctuations are natural and do not necessarily cause major, debilitating problems. Power of Hormones However, if someone is experiencing hormonal imbalances, chronic conditions are highly likely, including pain. Everyone needs to empower themselves with the knowledge necessary to recognize the warning signs of hormones gone astray. Oprah is leading the cause with her own testimonial about her hormonal imbalances that went unnoticed for some time. She has recruited experts in the field to offer advice and her February issue of  O will feature this issue.


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