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WWE had a robust show in August's SummerSlam, and on Sunday's look to follow it up with its Clash of Champions pay-per-view. Since WWE has competition at fashion intervals or upstart company AEW, every immense show counts about ever. Headlining Clash of Champions is Seth Rollin's defensive his Universal Championship against Braun Strowman. Complicating things extra is Rollins and Strowman presently being the Raw Tag Team Champions: they're going to defend the tag titles early at intervals the show before facing each other at intervals the most event.

It may be somewhat a night where the women steal the show, though, as every Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships unit being defended in intriguing matches. Becky kill defends the Raw title against a returning Sasha Banks, whereas Charlotte power look to become a 10-time champ by defeating Bayley for the SmackDown strap. Elsewhere, Kofi Kingston defends his WWE Championship against horny Orton during a very SummerSlam rehearsal.

A potential highlight is AJ designs vs.. Cedric Alexander for United States Championship. AJ designs square measure among the company's best performers, right there with Seth Rollins, and Cedric Alexander is wonderful equally. AJ is coming off associate disappointing string or matches with Ricochet though, therefore we'll need to see if this might live up to its tremendous potential.

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