Victoria Beckham Only Eats This Menu For 25 Years

Unique facts about Victoria Beckham recently revealed by her husband, David Beckham. He said that his wife had always eaten the same food for the last 25 years.

Quoting Channel News Asia, in a podcast interview, David said, "I am married to someone who has always eaten the same menu for the last 25 years. Ever since I've known Victoria, she's only eaten grilled fish, steamed vegetables and very rarely anything else, " he said.

The former Manchester United star also revealed a rare occasion where his wife deviated from her eating habits. At that time, Victoria was pregnant with their youngest child and she ate something she wasn't used to eating.

"It was the most amazing moment. I can't remember what he ate, but I know he hasn't eaten that dish since."

The couple have been married since 1999 and have four children: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

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