When it comes to spy apps, the features they offer are some of the most important things to consider. With Hoverwatch mobile tracker free https://www.hoverwatch.com, you will find a wide range of features to use!

This spy app will get on invisible mode as soon as you are done installing it. The stealth mode will keep the app hidden from the user of the target device. You can track all the data you want without them knowing or suspecting anything.

One of the first things you might be interested in monitoring, will be the call logs as well as the text messages sent and received on the Android device you choose to track. With Hoverwatch this is not only possible but very easy. As soon as you get into your account, you will have clear access to all this and more.

If you are using Hoverwatch to monitor your children or spouse, as well as your coworkers, the GPS feature will turn out to be very useful. This feature will tell you the exact location of the target device in real time.

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