Sugar baby demands 'daddies' buy every item from Ann Summers – or she'll leave

Christmas is known as the time of giving not receiving – however that can't be further from the truth for Nova Jewels.

It looks like Santa is not the only old bloke who will be checking off her wish list this season.

The OnlyFans model, who is used to being whisked off on exotic holidays and lavished in gifts, has high expectations for her two sugar daddies.

She has asked her wealthy matches to buy every single item from Ann Summers for Christmas – or risk getting the boot.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Nova Jewels revealed how "delightful" it is to spend yuletide is as sugar baby.

The saucy model admitted: "Oh there is definitely going to be a delightful Christmas treat I'm sure.

"I think the only way to get a car or a house out of them is to confess my love for them – that certainly isn’t happening.

"I’d rather buy the car and house myself. However a few city breaks, a summer holiday, a tonne of new lingerie and some cash will certainly be under the tree."

But, the fiery babe is not to be crossed otherwise the sugar daddies may risk her losing her company.

"If not, they can pack their bags and leave", Nova blasted. "I’ll go out and get myself some new sugar and some better daddies.

"I’ve told them I want the whole of Ann Summers bought for me. Every. Single. Item."

And, it's safe to say they should be hesitant of overstepping their mark with the beauty.

She candidly shared: "I have had a sugar daddy ask me to spend Christmas with him and not a chance would I ever bother doing that.

"I have no interest at all in seeing them over the festive season. I just want the money and the gifts.

"I'm family and friends orientated at this time of year. I’ll be going out for Christmas dinner with the family.

"We alternate having Christmas dinner at home and going out, year by year.

"Presents and coffee first thing in the morning, followed by a delicious smoked salmon and bucks fizz breakfast before getting ready, head out for Christmas dinner and then back home to drink and dance and sing the night away with friends."

Although Nova 'loves' men, she can only put up with them for a short period of time so has learnt to 'train' them well.

"I love men, but only for a short length of time", the sizzling hot redhead said.

"Anything over a week at a time drives me around the bend and if they are in touch with me too often I have to block them because I just get annoyed and agitated.

"I have them well trained, they know not to pester me, especially not at Christmas."

When asked if she will gifting a present to her sugar daddies, Nova was certain of her answer.

"Not a chance", she declared. That’s not part of deal.

"They get my time, that’s enough of a gift."

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