Space Weather Will Have an Impact on High Technology

Space weather is said to be harmful to a number of high technology used by humans.
Space weather is the conditions and dynamics in the magnetosphere, ionosphere, and thermosphere of planet Earth.

Similar to Earth's weather phenomena that occur in the atmosphere, space weather is also strongly influenced by solar activity which continuously blows solar wind, particles, and radiation into the surrounding environment, including planet Earth.

"Space weather has an impact on the high technology used and life outside Earth," said Acting Head of the Center for Space Research, BRIN Emanuel Sungging to, Thursday (3/2).

High technology in question is a variety of technologies used for activities in outer space.

"Interference with satellite systems, communications, astronauts, is dangerous to technology and all activities in outer space," explained Emanuel.

However, space weather does not directly affect weather conditions on Earth. Space weather will have an impact on life

Earth when these weather phenomena interfere with the use of high technology, where modern human life is very dependent on the technology.

"The impact for life on Earth is when humans' dependence on technology is very large," said Emanuel.

"For example, when there is a very strong solar storm, it can cause interference with the GPS signal, it will greatly interfere with our activities, which have been using the GPS information," he added.

Reporting from the Space Weather Prediction Center, space weather can occur anywhere from the surface of the Sun to the surface of the Earth.

Different types of space weather can affect different technologies on Earth. Solar flares can produce powerful x-rays that attenuate or block the high-frequency radio waves used for radio communications. This once happened and is known as the Radio Blackout Storms event.

Solar Energy particles (energetic protons) can penetrate satellite electronics and cause electrical failures. These energetic particles also block radio communications at high latitudes during Solar Radiation Storms.

Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) can cause geomagnetic storms on Earth and cause extra currents in the ground that can disrupt the operation of the power grid.

Geomagnetic storms can alter signals from radio navigation systems (GPS and GNSS) causing a decrease in accuracy. Geomagnetic storms also produce auroras.月球隕落-完整版在线hd1080p完整版本-7573月球隕落在线免费-2022-hdmoonfall完整版tw-7574月球隕落moonfall線上完整版tw-1080-7575™verhd-moonfall-2022-completa-online-7576

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