Sir Elton John cancels several important tours due to Covid-19

Sir Elton John reported that he was positive for the Covid-19 virus and had to cancel a number of concerts. So what is Elton John's current condition like?

Bad news came from senior musician Sir Elton John. The reason, Sir Elton John has just tested positive for Covid-19. The news was conveyed by Elton John himself through a statement shared through his personal Instagram page.

As a result, the Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert tour which was scheduled to be held Tuesday and Wednesday (25-26/2022) had to be canceled. Elton John also admitted that he regretted having to postpone his concert in Dallas due to contracting Covid-19.

"Hi everyone, wanted to send a message to let you know that I have contracted Covid and have had to reschedule my show in Dallas," said Elton John.

Elton John said if the concert rescheduling will be informed soon. He was very sorry for the postponement of the concert, but the 74-year-old man inevitably had to do it for the safety of all parties.

"If you have tickets you will be contacted immediately with a new date. It is always a huge disappointment to move a show and I am very sorry to anyone who feels uncomfortable with this," said Elton John. "But I want to keep myself and my team safe."

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