Simona Halep Qualifies for Round of 16 at Australian Open 2022

Romanian tennis player Simona Halep has made sure that she advances to the round of 16 of the 2022 Australian Open. This certainty was obtained after she was able to easily win over the Montenegrin representative, Danka Kovinic in straight sets with a score of 6-2 and 6-1 on Saturday (22/1 /2022). Playing at the Melbourne Arena, Halep dominated the match from the start.

He made it difficult for Kovinic with his precise yet powerful strikes to take the lead 4-0. Continuing to press, the 30-year-old player did not stop gaining numbers. While Kovinic very often makes his own mistakes.

That way, Halep continued to widen the advantage. As a result, he won with a score of 6-2 in the first set. Entering the second set, the match conditions were not much different.

Halep remained dominant and forced Kovinic to work very hard to keep up. Through her hard smashes, Halep did not stop scoring points. In fact, the winner of the two grand slam titles was 5-0 ahead.

In the end, Kovinic was only able to get one point until the game ended. That means, Halep came out victorious by locking the win in the second set with a score of 6-1.

With these results, Halep has the right to advance to the round of 16 of the Australian Open 2022. Next, she will face a tennis player from France, Alize Cornet. Cornet himself managed to reach the round of 16 after defeating the representative of Slovenia, Tamara Zidansek in the third round

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