The main disadvantage to the online casino concept is that it does not allow for the same amount of realism that you would get from the offline casinos. While this is definitely true, it is at the same time something that is inherent to the game. Online casinos are played through a computer screen, sòngbạc-trựctuyế mouse and keyboard while offline casinos are played in a physical building with physical cards, wheels and tables all around you. Until virtual reality gets to the point where it can rival real life, the unfortunate truth of the matter is that online casinos are going to carry this disadvantage for a very long time.

Another disadvantage that some people feel is part of online casinos also has to do with the lack of physical contact and that disadvantage is the one about money. Some people do not like seeing their money as electronic and not real bills in their hand. This is something that is not a disadvantage for everyone, but it is a disadvantage for enough people that it should definitely be considered when coming up with an overall evaluation of the online casinos that are in existence today.

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