Russian beauty queen and Miss Dubai finalist facing 20 years

Glam Russian beauty queen Kristina Dukhina could face 20 years in prison after police found half a kilogram of mephedrone in her apartment

A glam Russian beauty queen could face 20 years in prison after she was detained as a suspected drug dealer, law enforcement have revealed.
Kristina Dukhina, 34, a Miss Dubai runner-up and model agency owner, was held near her elite apartment complex in Moscow's skyscraper district.

The 34-year-old had been a runner-up in the Miss Dubai contest held in 2019 and was also a Grand Prix Miss Federation winner, picking up the top prize in Russia's beauty contest in 2020.

Dukhina is said to have been held by Russian police following a drugs bust that sees the Russian beauty queen facing a sentence of 20 years.

Her potential two-decades behind bars comes as police intercepted the the model in possession of more than half a kilogram of mephedrone, a report has revealed.

Dukhina is owner of an agency aimed at establishing the modelling industry in Crimea, which was annexed by Vladimir Putin's Russian forces in 2014, taking the land away from Ukraine.

The mother-of-two is currently under investigation on the preparation of the illegal drug for sale.

She has since left social media, cutting her presence online short and leaving a brief note to her fans before removing herself from online activities.

She posted: "I am leaving social networks. I will take only loved ones to my sterile empty room of a new life."

Dukhina's departure from social media is a far cry from the success and fame she achieved while working as a beauty contest participant.

She had started up her own modelling agency, Black Sea Models.

Speaking just before her time as runner-up of the Miss Dubai contest, Dukhina spoke of her success and the reason she was competing in the pageant.

She said: "I decided to try my hand at beauty contests and show by example that dreams come true and nothing is impossible.

"I did not expect to receive such a prestigious international title. Of course, I was always confident in myself and my beauty."

Dukhina is said to have been apprehended and detained by police officers, with Dukhina potentially facing 20 years in prison under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Local law enforcement say that Dukhina was arrested on suspicion of attempted drug trafficking.

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