Professional Nail Art & Extension Course in Noida India

Anyone who is not living under a rock might know that the biggest trend of 2022 is nail extension and nail art. Funky, colorful, and edgy nails are in. Simple nails just don’t suffice anymore. From celebrities to common people everyone wants their nails long, shiny and glittery. In fact, these days application of nail paint by men is also becoming common. So, the conclusion is this trend is in and not going anywhere soon. It is high time to make a career as a nail stylist because it is a booming career option right now. So, if you are exploring your option as a nail artist in Delhi NCR you have come to the right platform. UK International Beauty Academy provides the best nail art training in Noida.

Our Nail Art and Extension Course provide you with the expertise of the latest nail trends. Here, you learn the techniques like 3D nail art, 2D nail art, nail extension, foil nail art, stone nail art, and a lot more.

What is nail art?

Nail art is not a new concept. It has been around for ages. Women in ancient Egypt would color their nails with henna to show their social status. Nail prepping has always been considered an important part of grooming. 

Change is the only constant and like everything, nails have come a long way. The evolution of nails has even created a new industry that has made a prominent mark in the field of beauty and makeup. 

Today it is also a symbol of how fashionable and chic one is. Earlier nail grooming was just limited to manicure, pedicure, and painting nails. Today, it has become an art form where the sky is the limit. Nail art is a practice where nails are adorned with several embellishments like glitters, stripping tapes, studs, and rhinestone.

Nail art is the future

Whether you want to become a professional makeup artist with training in nail art or you want to just make your name as a nail artist, your future is bright. We are here to guide you with our specially designed nail art classes. Here we give you detailed information about the subtlety of professional nail art. There are many perks of being a nail artist, you can have the sole authority over your career choices and not be limited to a 9 to 5 option.

With UK International Academy you pass with flying colors as a nail artist, it is the best nail art training center in Delhi. We help you become a competent student, a well-trained artist, and an independent entrepreneur. You get 100% job assistance and internships to grow fully as a nail art technician.

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I personally really like to make manicure and it is really important for me to find a good resource for it. 

Making manicure is like a way of living. It is really pretty and shows your attitude to life, but I am really addicted to various ways to make my manicure by myself and that is why zoya nail polish where are represented last trends, really great and modern ideas to repeat and to show to others.

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