Mohamed Salah threatened not to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations quarter-finals

The Egyptian national team, which is reinforced by Mohamed Salah, is in danger of not qualifying for the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations quarter-finals, referring to standard performance in the group phase.
So far, four countries have confirmed their place in the quarter-finals. They are Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Gambia and Cameroon.

There are still four slots left to appear in the top eight. However, Egypt is in danger of not qualifying because they have to face Ivory Coast which has a better performance graph in the group phase.

Ivory Coast managed to lock the status of Group F champions as a result of two wins and one draw. Two wins were won against Algeria (3-1) and Equatorial Guinea (1-0), while the draw was won against Sierra Leone (2-2).

Meanwhile, Egypt advanced to the quarter-finals through the runner-up status in Group D. Mo Salah et al's steps had stumbled in the inaugural match after being defeated by Nigeria 0-1.

Luckily Egypt managed to reap two wins in the remaining two matches against Guinea-Bissau and Sudan. Two victories were achieved with difficulty through the score 1-0.

So far, the star of the Egyptian national team, Mo Salah, has also not shown his best performance at the Africa Cup of Nations. His goal productivity at Liverpool is not contagious in Cameroon because he has only scored one goal.

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