Meet hot Babestation trio slashing prices to help randy Brits with cost of living crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Babestation call girls Amber Paige, Megan Rox and April Mae have pulled together to slash their prices to help their regulars with the cost of living crisis

Fleeced Brits being priced out of a traditional 99 ice cream can be rest assured that there are people out there trying to make things a little better.

And no, it’s not Bozo Johnson… It's actually three Babestation stunners who are slashing their prices to lessen the strain of the cost of living crisis.

While fuel prices have doubled in the country, kinky call girls Amber, Megan and April have now cut their fees by 50%.

This means randy blokes across the UK can continue alleviating their stress – without spunking out a fortune.

Below, Daily Star did the honourable thing and chatted to the three heroines about why they wanted to help out.

Amber Paige
Buckinghamshire beauty Amber Paige joined Babestation during the pandemic while on furlough from her hospitality management job.

She handed in her notice after one shift and since then has become one of the company’s most popular models.

And the 22-year-old, along with close pals Megan and April, is now giving back to her regulars.

She told Daily Star: “Recently people have opened up more about their financial situations. You have these sex calls multiple times a week and having fun and then people realise they can’t afford it.

“We are almost like threats to them, we are not necessary, we are something extra.”

Asked why she wanted to make her saucy calls and webcams cheaper, she said: “I started during Covid so I feel like I have been there through people’s worst times.

“I do feel like people have been so generous and welcoming to me in the industry and I feel like a lot of people didn’t anticipate what would happen after Covid and the current financial issues we are facing.

“I am aware of it myself and I have a mortgage and electricity bills and I keep thinking of the position I would be in if I wasn’t in this industry.”

She added: “If I can provide the same service and quality of service as I did before at a lower rate so they can still enjoy it then great.

“It’s hard when you want something so bad but you can’t actually afford it. If I can try and make something a little more affordable for them and they can carry on having the same fun as they were before then that makes me feel good knowing I am helping them out a bit.”

Megan Rox
Earlier this week Megan Rox told us how she went from being a palliative care worker during the pandemic to a racy Babestation model.

The 26-year-old, from Birmingham, described the awful scenes of PPE hell while dealing with the heartache of family members being unable to visit their dying loved ones.

It left her mentally exhausted - but a DM from Babestation changed her life for the better.

She has now been at the channel for over a year and is joining Amber and April in giving a 50% discount.

“We are doing really well so we thought ‘why not’,” she told Daily Star. “You see on the news a lot of people are struggling and we wanted to give something back to people.

“We get people being open about their financial struggles. I don’t see a lot of them as callers any more, we have relationships like friends.

“I have the normal calls you would expect but other times we can sit there and talk about family issues, money issues and it’s one extreme to the other.

“We get lonely people who just want to chat about their day.”

As for her pals Amber and April, she added: “We chat every single day and they are literally like sisters to me at the minute.

“They are my rocks and anything that is going on I can ring one of them and they are there. They are like life-savers.”

April Mae
London lass April Mae was dancing in gentleman’s clubs before joining Babestation two years ago.

She has a loyal following and many of her customers have opened up about their financial worries.

April, 25, said: “I’ve had guys call up and tell me about their living situations and things like that.

“One man talks about his issues and he says I’m his escape from reality. That’s exactly what we are.

“We are an escape to the real world. That’s another reason why we should be inclusive to all.”

The blonde bombshell added: “I want to have options for people who don’t have much money right now and make things more affordable.

“Obviously we have those big spenders who have a lot of money and they are happy to but others can’t afford it because £5 for a minute is a lot of money. So they can pay a tender for a full show then that’s amazing.”

And speaking of her friendship with the other girls, she said: "Us three have come together and we are doing shows together as a threesome.

“We are best friends and we have our own TikTok channel and we are going to get started on YouTube.”

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