Maverick Vinales Reveals What's In Aprilia, But Not Found on Yamaha

Aprilia Team racer, Maverick Vinales has many reasons why he decided to leave Yamaha in the middle of MotoGP 2021. But the most interesting thing is that Vinales admits that he feels more supported by Aprilia, which is an Italian manufacturer, than when defending Yamaha, which is a Japanese team.

As is known, Vinales experienced an inner turmoil in the 2021 season. The middle of the year marked her experiencing the loss of a family member and the birth of her first child.

But the bigger and memorable moment was the termination of his contract with Yamaha after many incidents mid-season. Finally, the Spaniard signed a contract with Aprilia for this new 2022 season.

Despite having gone through a period of heartache with the Japanese factory team, Vinales can see the positive side. He also admitted that he did not have a bad relationship with Yamaha, including the country.

But on the other hand, he also compares being in his new team has more meaning than before. Among other things, he became more motivated because he was supported by a supportive environment.

“The Italian team is very different from the Japanese team. To be honest, I've always had a good relationship with the Japanese team, because I love the food, the culture, the places and how it's set, so calm and systematic. It does the same for you," said Vinales quoted on the PaddockGP page, Friday (1/14/2022).

But other than that, I need more fire around me. A little more support on and off the bike. In the end I wanted to show a lot of things and it was difficult to do that there."

On the other hand, Vinales will partner with his former partner at Suzuki during the 2015 season, Aleix Espargaro. According to him, Aleix already has a close relationship with him so that it will create a very supportive armosphere.

Aleix was important to get here, because I have a good relationship with him and we talk to each other a lot. plane together," added Vinales.

"But I think what decided me was more about the atmosphere and the spirit. This is a fairly new brand, not new in racing history, but new to improve in MotoGP."

Despite all that, many parties want to see if Vinales' decision to leave Yamaha and join Aprilia is the right decision. All of that will be answered as the 2022 MotoGP goes.$/1

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