When you apply for the tax refund then you expect the money to come in your account as soon as possible. but this is not the case as there are various steps through which your file goes on. so this process will take time. but there is no need to worry about as you can resolve them by dialing the Indiana State Tax refund .

When you contact them they will guide you step by step and will remind you important things as well. Like what files are needed to be attached when you are sending the application. After this, you'll be able to also keep an eye on the file. As they'll help you with each step and just after the status says that you have received your money but you are not doing.

So applying for the refund and getting it processed will take time. the reason behind is that the file will be verified and then the refund process is going to start. the general time needed to refund the taxes is about 4 weeks. during that time if you're facing any problem just contact the Indiana state tax refund Customer  Service.

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