How to set up Sbcglobal Email on Android ☎+1-845-834-4763

Steps by Setup to know How to set up Sbcglobal Email on Android ☎+1-845-834-4763

It is essential to have all the correct credentials of the SBCGlobal account. This is the primary requirement that will lead to setting up an SBCglobal email account. After that, you can follow the below itemized steps to set that accurately on your android smartphone.

  • The first step is the opening of your android phone and select setting option from it
  • Click on the Account tab, followed by selecting the Add account option.
  • Now the user will see the ad account interface in which the user can select Personal IMAP or Personal POP3.
  • Following the above steps, now you must enter the email address and password of your SBCGlobal email account.
  • Users are recommended to add settings accordingly.

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