So, you have made the decision to dismiss. You have found
new job or moving or other reasons. Firing is a natural process in the professional world. You are not the first or the last person to ever quit.
Remember, your layoffs, like your coming to work, will leave an impression on you. And do it so that there is no bad opinion of you. Suddenly you will have to return to this office again.
Therefore, personally discuss with your supervisor that you have decided to quit.
When talking with your manager, start by grateful for the experience gained during your work and for the opportunity to learn new skills.
Thank you for the support you received from your boss. Emphasize that you have learned a lot from him. He will appreciate being recognized for having made a significant impact on your life and career.
Express your gratitude for the opportunity to work with your colleagues. Be sure to give credit to the specific members of your team that you enjoyed working with.

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This may seem like a difficult period for you. But the layoff process is faced in every company.
To support you, I will advise you to study the guidelines on how to resign here
These tips are written by HR professionals. This is the kind of support that will be useful to you.

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