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In the Foreward to his training course, Revolutionary Sex, Alex Allman makes very little of the “mechanics” of lovemaking and how to please a woman. Allman is downright dismissive about that approach by any guy. Instead, he reckons that women are far more turned on by “passion, intimacy, and a man that can listen to their body…”. At the core of this training is confidence. Or how a guy needs more confidence in order to be his sexual best. Allman broaches topics such as performance anxiety and lasting longer (the male side) and making her come and cunnilingus (clearly the female side). Whilst being specific in topic choices, the approach is one of broader strokes rather than the minutiae thereof. Intimacy also plays a central role, as do other approaches such as role-playing and fantasies. Ultimately, what Revolutionary Sex attempts to do is make sex as cerebral and structured as possible, even when dissecting the physical side of sex.


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