How can I get specific data or match statistics of matches played in an Esports tournaments like LOL, SC2, DOTA2, CSGO?

How can I get specific data or match statistics of matches played in an Esports tournaments like LOL, SC2, DOTA2, CSGO?

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Recently I got  valorant team ranks and should say it was super fun. Fortnite esports is a game that is constantly changing. It might be tough to keep up with all of the Fortnite news, as Twitter does not always cover the specifics of each occurrence. The game has a $30,000,000 tournament one day, and the following pros desert it for Uno in protest at a new item. Following Fortnite news is never dull, but it may be intimidating. Good luck

Take WoW for instance. It’s an explorative game. It’s a co-op game, and it’s so ridiculously hard to balance that you have world first raiders needing to keep up a million different classes just to min-max that last little drop of damage. As a smaller guild, it’s super hard to even compete because they just don’t have the resources. They don’t have the reputation to do split raids with a bunch of willing people who can trade gear, they don’t have the in-game gold to buy a fuck ton of BoEs, they don’t have the external support and money to support gaming as a full time career so they have to take time out of their real life jobs just to compete. It’s such an unfriendly environment and it doesn’t promote or help newer guilds that want to compete.

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