Get Rid Of Hair Fungus With 5 Simple Home Remedies

If you’ve ever experienced or heard the terms vaginal yeast infections, athlete’s foot, or ringworm, then you have a basic idea of a fungal infection, which in simple terms means conditions that are caused by primitive organisms called fungus. There are wide varieties of fungi but only a small portion of them is harmful to humans. In fact, out of the approximately 1.5 million different species, only about 300 can make a person sick. Some fungi thrive in the soil and plants, while others are present in the air, which is why fungal infections can occur if you touch a fungus or if you breathe it into your lungs. The human body has a defense mechanism against fungal infections called the immune system. However, if your immune system is weak or if you are taking antibiotics, the fungus may thrive inside your body and damage your organs.


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