Four Simple Physical Identification Methods for Rubber Gaskets

The rubber gasket does not have a pungent odor. The rubber gasket is made of virgin rubber and does not contain secondary rubber, waste rubber, recycled rubber, recollected rubber and any plastic components. The product will not produce irritating smell, and the rubber smell can be volatilized under normal ventilation.

Second Discrimination: Impurities


Since the rubber gasket does not contain secondary rubber, there is no excessive impurities in all products. Cut the insulating rubber mat with a wallpaper knife and see the cut surface of the rubber mat. There is no excessive magazine. Touch the cut surface of the insulating rubber mat with your fingers. powder.


Three Distinctions: Elasticity


Rubber gasket has good physical and mechanical properties, excellent insulation properties, and can work in a dry environment with high dielectric coefficient requirements in the air of -35~ 100℃. Strong elasticity, high tensile strength, and high surface gloss.


Four Distinctions: Bubbles


Surface bubbles (no more than 5 bubbles per square meter area less than 1cm², and the distance between any two bubbles is not less than 40cmm) uneven edges or the width of the sponge-like part shall not exceed 10mm, and the length shall not exceed 1/10 of the total length of the rubber sheet, and shall not Cracks are allowed.

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