I like sports. However, football will always come first in my heart. I went to the stadium with my father when I was a child. Now it's my turn to bring my sons there)) But we couldn't do it last year and just watched the matches on record. Live broadcasts were also found to be unprofitable this year. This is terrible. I amused myself by placing bets. But watching the live broadcast, in this case, is much more pleasant. Who else prefers football to all other sports?

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I've always been quite curious and passionate, so I'm also interested in other sports, for example, Formula 1. But football is my lifelong passion. The pandemic forced me to look for new options for entertainment. I found many reviews for bookmaker sites - https://www.ua-football.com/en/betting/bookmakers/30-betfair It turns out that the gambling industry has advanced significantly and also has mobile versions and special applications. How do you usually place your bets?

Football and sport games are really interesting. I decided that https://wewatch.gg/csgo/live can be a good opportunity to start betting on sport games, mostly Dota2 and CS GO. I really like that it is a very good solution if you want to find out some ways to make money on it.

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