Parents today do not have as much control over their children as they assume. Your teenagers might hang out with the wrong crowd or say they need to go to the library and hang out with friends instead. Most of the tracking apps that you can use require a lot of storage space on a phone and come with an app that runs in the background. It's easy for kids to see that you're tracking them, and they can figure out a way to turn off the app. They may even leave their phones behind when they go out too.

Hoverwatch phone tracker is a new cell phone tracker that can see everything that someone does on a cell phone. It gives you an easy way to see if your significant other works the late-night hours that they claim and to keep track of where your kids are at any given moment. This product comes with an app that you can use on a phone, which then lets you view information about that phone from a computer or another device that you link to the phone.

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