Demi Rose's robe slips open as she breaks silence on engagement rumours

Stunning OnlyFans star Demi Rose caught up with her 19.8million fans on Instagram during a Q&A about her love life - following speculation she's engaged to a mystery hunk

Demi Rose has finally confirmed her relationship status - following fan speculation she's engaged to a mystery man.
The Brummie bombshell decided to catch up with her 19.8million followers on Instagram on Tuesday (June 14) - but she risked a serious wardrobe malfunction in doing so.

It's because the stunning OnlyFans star unleashed her enviable cleavage in a sheer white robe that spilled open on her chest and could barely contain her assets.

Demi, 27, took to Instagram with a candid Q&A where she dished on her love life - and whether or not she secretly got engaged.

The global glamour queen went relatively makeup-free as she showed off her mousey brown locks that flowed freely onto her shoulders.

A fan asked her: "Do you have a bf?", to which she answered: "No."

The model shot a cheeky smile in a quick selfie clip to go alongside her answer, which is sure to give fans hope that they could one day woo her themselves.

Another fan wanted to know whether or not she was married - but she admitted: "No I wish"

In this photo, she scrunched up her nose in a playful protest at not having an official partner.

She sparked speculation she was engaged last year when she was snapped wearing a chic ring.

Earlier this year, she seemed to suggest she was seeing a lucky man after sharing a series of snaps which showed her standing next to a mystery date - but the man was unnamed and untagged.

Demi also announced she was due to appear on a podcast before admitting she rarely opens up.

Although she didn't share the name of the podcast at the time, she reassured fans she'd provide the link to the episode.

She revealed she loves "reading and music" in her spare time after one fan asked her what enlightens her.

Demi rarely gives public interviews, but she opened up about her late parents and OnlyFans career in a chat with BBC's Newsbeat last year.

She said she wants to use her platform to "uplift people" after her parents tragically died just seven months apart in 2019.

Demi explained: "I use [my platform] to uplift people because after what I've been through, I want people to have a more positive outlook on death and not see it as a bad thing"

The influencer said there has "always been a stigma" around OnlyFans in the UK - and that she was cautious about joining the explicit subscription service at first.

Demi added: "I was always cautious about joining, but I've been watching more creators and artists joining and I was like, 'OK wow it's becoming more accepted"

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