One of the most frequent questions from those who are just learning about cryptocurrencies are questions like "Why do you need Bitcoin?", "What are the advantages of Bitcoin?", "What can Bitcoin give me?"
For banks, transfers between accounts take 3-5 working days on average, and maybe more if these are foreign transfers. In cryptocurrencies, transactions are instant. However, when working with large amounts, it is recommended to wait for several confirmations of the transaction by the network, this usually takes no more than an hour.
Cryptocurrencies use proven cryptography to store access keys to funds, with a distinction between public and private keys. Banks and other financial institutions use similar algorithms to protect their data. And the total computing power of the Bitcoin network, which is used to protect the history of transactions, in 2012 exceeded the computing power of any supercomputer in the world.

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Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular and in demand for mutual settlements, for investment, etc. Every year more and more people are interested in buying bitcoin.
Many large companies have announced their readiness to accept payments in bitcoins. And to buy bitcoin with debit card you can find here online exchangers with favorable conditions for you and as soon as possible

I frequently see people who have abandoned the concept of generating money with bitcoin because they feel they have been duped and that everything in this area is a complete rip-off. You can recruit a vast number of individuals to assist you. More information may be found at First, give it a go.

I own a company and I always put a portion of the profits into cryptocurrencies. To make good money, you only need to know how to trade, create a plan for yourself, and use a reputable crypto program. I recommend that you read

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