Awkwafina, the star of 'Shang-Chi', opens her voice after being accused of being 'Blaccent' until she decides to turn off Twitter

Asian-American actress, Awkwafina finally gave a striking reply after her name was accused of having carried out the seizure of African culture or Blaccent. He Even Closed His Personal Twitter Account.

The beautiful actress Awkwafina suddenly stole the public's attention. This is because Awkwafina commented on the accusations of the people who said they had done Blaccent, namely seizing the culture of the black or African race.

Through her personal Twitter page, Awkwafina also opened her voice and firmly said that she did not intend to do Blackcent at all. Awkwafina realizes that she is an Asian-American who is constantly looking for her identity.

"There is a sociopolitical context especially the historical context of the African-American community in this country," Awkwafina wrote. "This is a group that disproportionately feels their history and culture is being stolen, exploited and taken over by the *dominant* culture for unlicensed monetary gain."

Awkwafina also believes that today's society often uses culture as a debate. The actress whose full name is Nora Lum admitted that she grew up and lived in America for a long time. That's why, he is dominant with American culture despite having Asian blood.

"This is a problem that we still see today. In life, acculturation of linguistics, acculturation of immigrants, and the influence of social media are unavoidable," he continued. "My immigrant background has allowed me to carve out an American identity from the movies and tv shows I watch and my love and respect for hip hop. I think, as a group, Asian Americans are still trying to figure out who they are or what's not. they can do."

Regarding Blaccent's accusations, Awkwafina admitted that she did not mean to. Even the 33-year-old actress admitted that she really appreciates African culture. Even so, Awkwafina never wanted to respond to negative public accusations in a bad way.

Awkwafina claims this is not her nature and principle. In the aftermath of Blaccent's accusations, Awkwafina decided to take a temporary break from her Twitter platform.

"But, as a non-Black POC, I stick to the fact that I will always listen to and care about the AAVE culture," he stressed. "But I must stress that mocking, belittling, or being unkind in any way possible at the expense of others is: Simple. No. My nature. Never was, and never was."

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